How works private jet hire?

Although we usually use the term „private jet hire” in colloquial terms, in private aviation there are two most common propulsion engines in aircraft: jet-engined jets and turboprop aircraft, which are propelled by one or more propellers. Reciprocating propeller planes like private jet hire with reciprocating engines do not play a significant role because they are too small and have a short range, and the needs of our customers are different.

From the passenger’s perspective, there are fundamental differences between jets and turboprops that have concrete implications in practice: turboprops are slower and have a shorter range than most light jets. So these machines are worth considering for short-haul routes as they will often be cheaper than jets. In addition, a turboprop requires a shorter runway than a jet and therefore performs better at very small airports. Of course, jets can also land at much smaller airports than scheduled passenger planes like private jet hire. On the other hand, small airports like private jet hire have a very important advantage: there are many more of them than large international airports, thanks to which we have many more places at our disposal, which we can ultimately reach or we are able to land much closer to the final destination.

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